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Broken Ice - Harry Styles fanfic

Broken ice

Part 1

“Lilly” My teachers voice shouted disturbing my day dream.

“What?” I asked

“Yes you should listen more instead of day dreaming, shouldn’t you?” She spat

“Yes miss” I replied and rolled my eyes

“Seeing as you already know everything can you tell me the answer to this question?”

I took one look to the board where she pointed at, is this woman trying to kill me?!

“As if anyone knows a bloody answer to that!” I spat

“I’m sure you cousin could do much better” Yes always favourites my cousin, that’s miss David for you, and she wonder why she’s still a ‘miss’ because no one is going to want to be with that annoying 50 year old. She looked around the classroom of course my cousin was one of the 3 with their hands up “Ah Louis so you got the answer” She asked sweetly. Make me sick, I swear she has some weird perverted crush on him.

“372?” Louis asked

“Yes, you’re a smart boy Louis don’t ever change to be like those around you” She spoke looking around the classroom landing on me obviously she was referring to me with her stupid don’t change to be like those around you! My life is already bad enough without her.

Finally the bell went and I sprinted out the class room with my best friend Lisa behind me.

Well I should probably tell you a bit about myself. My names Lilly Tomlinson I’m 17 medium height, hazel eyes, medium brown hair, tanned. I guess you could say I was one of the more ‘popular’ girls around school, and believe me it isn’t all it seems and I definitely don’t feel proud/happy about it, people always look up to me say they wish they were me, please. People don’t understand how bad my life actually is they think because I’m ‘popular’ and have an amazing boyfriend I have the most amazing life, trust me my boyfriend is  the only amazing part other than him and my friends I have nothing. My life has been a wreck since childhood I was 5 when it all started going bad. I had my mum my dad, brother and sister, the perfect life huh? Well that’s know more My dad and sister are dead my brother is in jail my mum is on crack my Nan also died of cancer, everyone around me is leaving the only family I have is my auntie Jay and my 5 cousins Lottie, Felicite, Phoebe, Daisy and then there’s Louis who well I don’t refer to as ‘family’ the rest of my family is history no one bothers to speak no one cares about each other.

Louis is one of the most annoying people ever! My life is bad enough without spending half my life with him. He thinks’ he’s the ‘cool, funny, good looking kid’ with his gang of apes… Okay maybe Louis is the only ‘ape’ in the gang his friend are pretty fit I guess and alright to talk to there’s Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn I don’t talk to them too much only at school in lessons or when I’m at Louis’ and they are too. Anyway the story behind my family, My nan died of cancer when I was 5 only 2 weeks after I had been diagnosed with dyslexia and adhd, as a child I didn’t understand so much and didn’t care my parents on the other hand were falling to pieces they couldn’t cope, even those it’s not even bad I’m still a very normal person. My dad and sister died is a car crush when I was 13, my sister was only a year older than me and was like my best friend, I was also far more closer to my dad then my mum. My brother has been part of gangs in the past been mucking about since he was able to walk and got sent to jail 1 year ago when he was 20. My mum has been an alcoholic since my dad and sisters death, she never seemed to bad I mean probably the most unalcoholic alcoholic still bad just sort of controllable unlike others. But about 1 ½ - 2 years ago she started getting even worse and started taking drugs as she couldn’t cope with my brother and was really stressed out, now she’s completely crazy!  And barley even lives in ‘our’ house goes for a week comes back for 3 days and so on, hence the reason I spend most my time at Jay’s I even have my own bedroom, clothes and tooth brush there as I spend more time there then I do at my own. I could keep care of myself I’m 17 I can live there alone, but Jay didn’t want me to be by myself and plus when my mum comes back she’s really pissed and angry well half the time I see her she is, and well.. Let’s just say I got a few scars from her. Anyway that’s enough of my ‘sob story’ that’s just my life it’s my deal and my worry’s, no one else’s.

“Hey babe” I heard a familiar voice say as I felt two arms rap around my side, This was Connor my boyfriend, for a year now we’ve been together “What lesson have you got next?” He asked me 

“History and you?” I replied


“shame have fun. See you at break” I said giving him a quick peck on the lips and walk to science with Lisa.

“Ok students today we have a new seating plan” My teacher Mrs Smith told us with a few sighs in return “Ok Starting down here” She pointed at the end of the first row “Harry, Lilly, Niall, Kieran, Molly and Jen next row Louis, Rosie, Lisa, Bob, Karen and David next row Sophie M, Margaret, Ben, Ellie, Joseph and Ryan and last row Jason, Sophie D, Zack, Sarah, Hannah and Michelle”

We all got up and dragged ourselves over to our new seats. Maybe sitting with Harry and Niall wouldn’t be bad, better than sitting next to Bob feel soo sorry for Lisa lol.

“Niall” Harry shouted over me

“Yes” He asked

“Do you have a pen? I’ve lost mine”

“Yeah here, don’t steal this one mate” Niall said handing him over the pen

“Louis and Zayn are the ones that take them” Harry laughed and they started a conversation with me sitting awkwardly in the middle.

“Do you want me to swap seats?” I asked as I was fed up of them talking over me.

“Oh sorry Lilly, we can fit you into our conversation” Harry smiled. The tree of us started talking for a bit till the teacher was ready to start the lesson and Niall dropped out to do his work, but me and Harry carried on talking for the whole lesson, talking to him in the lesson her seems different to when he’s out with his boys or girlfriend.

“Ok class you can pack away, and Lilly, Harry 30 minutes detention after school for talking throughout my lesson”


My jaw dropped, I’m sure Harry’s did too.  

Part 2

The rest of the day slowly went by. I sat in English with Connor and Lisa, I could hear Lisa counting down the seconds till the bell she always does it.

Within a few seconds the bell had gone and we were all dismissed.

“Do you want to go out somewhere” Connor asked me

“I would but instead I gotta spend another 30 minutes in this death hole”

“How about after? I’ll meet you in starbucks at 5 yeah?”

“Okay see you then” I replied given him a kiss and walking off to my detention.

I got to the classroom and Mrs Smith was already waiting outside for us.

“Your late” She told me raising an eye brow

“No I’m early, the bell went 2 minutes ago” I replied and she just sighed

“Do you have homework?” I nodded and then Harry came into the room

“Ah Harry sit down there” She told him pointing at the seat next me “I’m going to get a coffee be quite and do your work”

Harry sat down next to me and Mrs Smith left the room.

“Got any homework?” Harry asked me

“Yeah English you?”

“None, do you want help?”

“If you want”

Harry helped me with my English homework all those I fine on my own. After 5 minutes His phone started buzzing.

“Who’s that?” I asked as he took out his phone and rejected the call.

“Leanne” He replied putting his phone back in his pocket

“Then why did you reject?”

“Well we’re busy, she know I’m in a detention”

Harry and I carried on doing my homework and talking till Mrs Smith came back in the room. Soon enough the 30 minutes were over and we were out.

“Are you still at Louis’” Harry asked me as we came out of school

“Yes, like yesterday the day before and the past week”

“Ok I’ll walk with you then I’m meeting everyone back at Louis’. So you still haven’t heard from your mum?”

“Not since last Tuesday, honestly I’ll be surprised if she’s not dead by now”

“Don’t talk like the, she’s a fighter just like you”

“She’s not a fighter she’s nearly killed herself, and how would you know I’m a fighter”

“I’ve heard all about what’s happened, you’re brave, you’re from a broken home yet still going”

“They’re many people in worse situations then me”

“I don’t know those many people”

We walked in silence after that till be got to Louis’ I knocked on the door and Leanne opened it.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” She shouted at Harry

“I was in detention Leanne. Anyway what are we going to do now” Harry asked

“Nandos!” Niall replied rubbing his hands together and licked his lips

“Dude that will be your 3rd Nandos this week” Zayn laughed as he held his arm around Zanib’s waist

“Leave the boy and his love for Nandos alone!” Louis joked

“Are you going to come with us Lilly”

“Nope I’m going out” I replied and went upstairs to get ready

Harry’s p.o.v

I’ve never felt like this before, this morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve never thought about Lilly like this before, I’ve never really cared or talked to her much to be honest, but today I can’t help myself. I should really keep control of myself I have Leanne who means the world to me… and she has her boyfriend or I’m sure she feel the same about with how long they’ve been together.

“What time we planning on going Nandos then guys?” Liam asked

“Leave about 5 I wanna get there as soon as possible”

“If Casey wasn’t on holiday you probably wouldn’t be eating all this Nandos” Zayn mentioned

“Hey! What’s that suppose to mean” Niall raised his eye brow

“You’re replacing your girlfriend with food!” Louis laugh

“I would say it’s pretty fair she is replacing him with a 4 star hotel and beaches” Kate butted in

“Thank you” Niall replied

“Are you alright?” Leanne whispered in my ear

“Uh, yeah fine.. I’m going to the toilet be right back” Harry said getting up from the sofa

“Ok babe”

“Where you going?” Hatya asked

“Toilet” I replied and with that I was up the stairs

Just as I went over to the bathroom Lilly came out.

“How long have you been waiting?” She asked

“Only got here”

“Good. Anyway I’ll see you later”

“Bye” I smiled at her as she went down the stairs

Lilly’s p.o.v

I went down stairs and started putting my shoes on, Louis came into the hallway with his phone is his hand.

“Where are you going?” He asked me

“Out with Connor not sure where, why?”

“My mum called she said for us to both be back by 8 when she comes back from work”

“How comes?”

“Don’t know she wouldn’t tell me but said it’s important”

“Oh, well see you at 8 then”

I picked up my bag and left the house.

Part 3

Louis’ p.o.v

It was 4:55 and we were already sitting in Nandos Niall made us leave 25 minutes early complaining that he needed food because he felt like he was going to faint. I don’t know who he thought he was fooling with a lie like that but we decided to let the boy be happy and go Nandos early.

“Where the hell is the food?” Niall scream in pain

“God Niall we only ordered 2 minutes ago” Kate answered to his scream

“I don’t care it should be here by now. When I take over and it’s could nialler’s Nandos the food will be on the table as soon as it’s order”

“So you’re going to give someone a frozen chicken?” Zayn asked raising his eyebrow

“If that does happen I doubt you’d have a business Niall and this Nandos would be my last” Leanne joined in

“No of course not! The food will be cooked beforehand so everyone gets what they want when they want it”

“So say if no one came to ‘Nialler’s Nandos’ that day and you had enough food to feed 100 you’ll just leave it till the next day?” I asked

“Noooo what do you think I am, crazy? I’ll eat it myself of course”

“Oh that explains it” Liam laughed

“Don’t worry if I get full you can have some” Niall replied

“You would have eaten all you never get full”

“I can’t promise anything”

By the next hour we had finished Nandos and went back to Zayn’s where were we played video games and the girls + plus Liam spent the next 1hour30minutes talking about straightners and Harry put sat staring at his phone his mind somewhere else.

“Liam what time is it?” I shouted at him while battling against the boys

“7:45” Liam replied

“I gotta go guys my mum has something to tell Lilly and I”

“See ya later mate” Niall shouted

“I think I might go too” Kate said grabbing her stuff and walking other to me

“See you lot later” Kate hugged everyone other then Harry who still seemed a little out of it

“Later Harry” I said with no reply “HARRY” Harry jumped being knocked out of his day dream

“Sorry what”

“I’m going”

“Oh bye. I think I’m going to go to I’m tired, you coming Leanne?”

“Err yeah sure, bye guys”

The for us left the house and walked our different ways luckily Kate lived 2 minutes up the road on the way to my house so I could easily walk her home.

Harry’s p.o.v

I was walking up to Leanne’s house still acting a little out of it I seriously need to sort myself out or this is just going to end up bad.

“Thanks for walking back” Leanne said to me

“No problem” I replied and hugged her, after the hug she went in to kiss me but I moved which turned into a lip to cheek, she looked pretty upset/annoyed about me doing that.

“Harry what’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me”

“Yes there is ever since after school you’ve acted weird! You barley talk and now don’t even let me kiss you”

“I’m sorry I-I just feel a bit sick I don’t want you kissing me and getting sick” Leanne just rolled her eyes not knowing whether to believe me or not.

“Whatever, just call me tomorrow if you feel better”

She walked straight up to her door without saying good bye.

“Bloody hell Harry seriously what has gotten into you?!” I thought to myself while walking home.

Lilly’s p.o.v

I was 2 minutes away from Louis’ when he started calling me.

“Lilly where are you my mum’s waiting to tell the news”

“Sorry I’m just around the corner and I’m 1 minute late”

“Minutes is time which is precious which I could have used doing someone important with”

“Like what? Playing with your ken that has carrot shoes?”

“No… doing.. homework, and you know that doll was Lottie’s I made him carrot shoes like 7 years ago”

“Yeah was, whose room is it sitting in now”

“It’s in my cardboard with all the other old toys actually”

“Yeah, Yeah whatever” I said and hang up as I was now at the door

“Lilly finally. I have important news to tell you”

I walked into the sitting room where Louis plus all his sisters were.

“So what did you have to tell us?”

“Lilly this isn’t going to be the best of news to you”

I froze after she said that I wasn’t sure what to think what if something really bad has happened?

“Your mum has been found outside in Manchester and has liver failure was near to death but the doctors replaced her liver just in time but she’s still really weak and has been put in care till she can cope on her own which isn’t certain if she will recover and be well enough to look after herself so you won’t be seeing her for a.. long while”

I was shocked I mean I knew this was going to happen sooner or later but I didn’t know what to say she’s my mum I love her no matter what.

“So what am I going to do?” I asked

“Well you have an option live in your place by yourself which I don’t really want you to do get fostered which again I don’t want you to do or you can live here and I can even adopt you if you want so you will be like one of my own”

“The last one sounds good” I told Jay with tear started to come out my eyes and Felicite hugging me

“Whoop, whoop another sister. Mum do you mind but to next time make a boy.. those I don’t want any more siblings but I would have preferred not to be the only boy” Louis said

“Louis she’s lived here half her life I’m surprised you haven’t already been calling her your sister” Jay said

I went and hugged Jay then ran up to my new official room and jumped on my bed starting to cry into my pillow.

Zayn’s girlfriend  @Zanib_1D  - Zanib

Harry’s girlfriend @ThatGirlLeanne - Leanne

Niall’s girlfriend @HarrysPeanutt - Casey

Louis’ girlfriend @harrysbearyhat - Kate

Liam’s girlfriend @Hathuli – Hatya